Birth Story of Social Pukar

Social Pukar or the social call is for one and all.

Listen to the unheard stories of the unsung heroes, laud the much-ignored talent and skill of the unprivileged, learn about the rising stars of our society and talk to the social guardians – this is Social Pukar’s destined purpose of existence.

This social-initiative website is a medium of bringing to light, all those (NGO’s, private individuals, underprivileged or Special people who are achievers) who are doing a commendable job in adding value to the society. Social Pukar caters to audience with a social interest and attempts to create awareness about social causes.  The main aims of Social Pukar are:

  • Bring the lesser-known or the upcoming social groups/NGO’s/social activists/individuals who are doing a truly appreciable work, to the sight of the common masses.
  • Provide recognition and appreciation to the special or underprivileged rising stars, for their achievements-small or big; the size doesn’t matter!
  • Inform the readers about what events are being conducted by which organization and for what social cause. Reports about events would primarily keep the readers updated by providing all relevant information and also gives them a chance to help (if at all interested) those NGO’s or groups who really need to be helped.

Social Pukar doesn’t limit its horizons and restrict itself to any one particular social cause.  From health to educational cause any humanitarian work done to help others is a noble cause. May be that’s why they say “Humanity is the son of God.” And may be that’s why I personally believe that every aspect of an existing social issue that witnesses change brought about by humanity or kindness of any sort, should be welcomed with arms wide open.

Meanwhile, stay glued to Social Pukar- a page that will evoke the humanitarian in you.


Aishwaraya Kalro, is a passionate writer and convincing orator who is in-charge of all creative (writing and editing stories), communication and marketing aspects of Social Pukar.

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