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Powered by dynamism and selfless spirit, Social Pukar, a Trust established under the Indian Trust Act, 1882, seeks to turn the spotlight on the unsung heroes of the society while serving as an eye-opener on a plethora of sensitive and impactful issues to the public cutting across all age groups. This unique social-initiative, which has a strong digital presence, is the brain-child of Aishwaraya Kalro (Founder and President)



Four vibrant ladies hailing from different walks of life, come together to create a positive yet powerful impact on the society and touch the lives of many.

Aishwaraya Kalro

Aishwaraya Kalro (Founder & President)

Aishwaraya Kalro is a social entrepreneur who strongly believes in being able to create a positive impact on the society through journalism and the technology of digital media. This young face of Social Pukar is recognized as- voice of the voiceless. Her work has been acclaimed by the U.S Consulate General (Mumbai). Embodying versatility, Aishwaraya, a prominent feature in the media and literary circles since school days, has worked with a wide range of media platforms such as print, broadcast, radio and online publishing.

Dr.Smruti Smita Mohapatra

Dr.Smruti Mohapatra (Vice President)


A veterinarian by profession, Smruti personifies compassion, kindness and and affection. Recognized as the youngest Udayam Social Icon of the Week by NMIMS, Bengaluru and PETA’s 2015 Cutest Vegetarian finalist, she dons the role of Vice-President in Social Pukar. The active social volunteer is also a passionate educator who has previously donated her hair locks for the benefit of cancer patients.






D. Vandana 

An extremely amiable, pro-active and generous woman, D. Vandana takes on the role of Secretary.

D.Vandana (Secretary)

An avid reader and an advocate of women empowerment, the literature graduate has splendid administrative skills second to none thereby making her pivotal to the success and reach of Social Pukar.


Kiruthika Dhanapal

Kiruthika Dhanapal (Legal Adviser)

Kiruthika has many awards and accolades under her belt. The academically bright student was chosen as the 2nd Best Intern of India at National Human Rights Commission during the winter Internship programme, 2014-15. Author of 17 legal articles, this Madras High Court lawyer, has received the Best Student Award for extraordinary character. An alumnus of SOEL, she is an excellent debater who uses her legal knowledge to serve the society.






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