Nature: An Underrated Green Gold

Relish. Relive. Reciprocate. World Environment Day provides us with an opportunity to express our gratitude to the blue planet for the abundance it has showered upon us . 

“Earth is our mother, in spite of our desire to harm our mother, she will always love us forever.”

At the outset, let me ask you a question; when was last time you set out on an early morning walk basking in the nippy and refreshing breeze whilst relishing nature’s bountiful present around you? Take your time. I know it’s a tough question given the fact our lives have become heavily gadget-dependent, the aftermath of modernization and digitization.

Student Reporter K.Jyotsna

Multi-specialty hospitals, educational institutions with state-of-the-art facilities, sky-high residential towers, and malls with world-class amenities have become hallmarks of our country. Slowly but steadily India is transforming into a concrete jungle with very limited greenery.

No luxury comes without a price and we have grown at the expense of our Mother Earth. Some of the many undesirable activities are-

  • deforestation for the purpose of agriculture or construction of buildings
  • using plastic bags for shopping
  • excessive usage of automobiles and motorcycles.
  • Improper disposal of waste

Bearing the severe consequences of such harmful activities in mind, the United Nations Environment Program launched the World Environment Day on June 5, 1972, with an aim promote an eco-friendly lifestyle while providing us with an opportunity to express our gratitude to the blue planet for the abundance it has showered upon us.

Year after year, the initiative has been growing by leaps and bounds with countries across the world taking part in the celebrations to honor our planet. This year’s theme of Connecting People to Nature is very timely and significant, in my opinion, as it comes against the backdrop of an increasing degree of insensitivity and callousness shown by the inhabitants of the planet towards it.



I fail to understand, what makes one think that unless a problem directly affects one’s life, he/she need not pay heed to it? We must keep in mind that it won’t take too long for our neighbor’s headache to become ours! The Tamil Nadu water crisis is already upon us. As a result, each and every household is facing water scarcity.  The concerned authorities and welfare associations are going all out to conserve water and are taking up lake restoration work diligently which is said to boost groundwater levels. But the question is, why can’t we protect the environment before we are forced to do so?

You can sit through umpteen number of workshops, listen to lectures on environment protection but the change you wish to see in the world can come true only if you are willing to work for it. So it has to begin with that urge to do something however small it may be and for that spark to arise within you, you must first learn to appreciate the beauty of nature. I don’t think you have to go to any hill station to enjoy nature up close, sometimes even an unvisited park in your area can feel like a paradise.

Pull up your socks, get out of the sofa and hit the road. Even a casual but purpose-conscious walk would do. But take that small effort to get outdoors as small things can make big difference!


“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you wish to make”

-K.Jyotsna (Student Reporter)


Aishwaraya Kalro, is a passionate writer and convincing orator who is in-charge of all creative (writing and editing stories), communication and marketing aspects of Social Pukar.

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