Indian Education System- Righting the Wrongs

Have you ever said, “I love learning but I hate the way I’m made to learn”? Don’t worry, most students have complained about the Indian Education system at some point in their life! It’s time to change it. 


Demographically, India is blessed with abundant resources in the form of a large population of vibrant youth. Culturally, India is a country where education is increasingly being considered as the best means of climbing the social and economic ladder.

The formal system of education in India was introduced by the British, who wanted to produce workers who were nothing more than obedient, literate clerks and personal assistants. It’s both a tragedy and a shame that not much has changed significantly since then. Today, the Indian Education system is in shambles.

The issue of unemployability arises from the disturbing fact that a huge number of graduates lack proper technical and soft skills. There are engineers who can’t code without the assistance of textbook and  lawyers who can barely communicate with their clients!




Like every other Indian student, I too have spent hours mugging up formulae, definitions, and outdated theories. Do I know how to use them in real-life? No. Most don’t! Students are under constant pressure exerted by parental and societal expectations to enter the never-ending rat race of getting a centum.

This brings me to another painful aspect- student suicide. Student suicides are becoming so shamefully common that it clearly shows the extreme amounts of stress faced by students. This must be immediately addressed, starting with making psychological counseling available to all students and decreasing the academic workload. I’d say we can start by helping everyone understand that failure in academics doesn’t have to be equated to failure in life.




I’m sure a lot of us know of bright students who went abroad to pursue their higher studies because India doesn’t have much resources or opportunities to offer them. These are people who would have been great assets to the country. It is very well within the nation’s capacity to set that right.

Student Reporter Pooja Saravanan


Honestly, there’s no dearth of intelligent students in India. We do have zealous teachers and inquisitive students. All we need to do is address the various issues that plague the system – starting with correcting the lack of uniformity of syllabi followed by educational boards across the country; unifying and diversifying it according to the needs of the students and employers.

The education system must attempt to accommodate as many as possible, by increasing the number of seats in all institutions of higher education. Also, the same must be done for training and employing qualified teaching professionals.In addition to upgrading available facilities in all government schools and bringing them on par with a fixed national standard, the State must allocate more funds to recruit knowledgeable teachers, stressing on quality and quantity.

The syllabi followed must be constantly updated and improved, with emphasis on effective teaching methods where in-depth, holistic teaching is not sacrificed for the sake of covering a huge syllabus and efficient learning methods where rote learning is finally abandoned for more involved, activity based learning methods.

These are momentous steps and must be executed at a steady pace for level of education obtained by the citizens is something that determines the future of the nation and it is certainly not something about which we cannot afford to be as callous as we are now.


-Student Reporter Pooja Saravanan




Aishwaraya Kalro, is a passionate writer and convincing orator who is in-charge of all creative (writing and editing stories), communication and marketing aspects of Social Pukar.

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    Efficient work covering all sphere, great job Pooja!!!


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