Social Pukar asked its young readers to voice their frank views on the Indian Education system and also asked them if the youth is misjudged by the society. We received an incredible participation of mixed responses in this contest! Selecting the best was difficult but definitely worth it. Take a look  and  express your opinions in the comments section below.

Do you think the Indian society misjudges today’s youth? If yes, then in what ways?

R.Shruthi writes

India is the second most populated country in the world. Nearly 41% of the population is young. The power of the youth is tremendously improving.

Most of the youngsters are smart, innovative, future-thinking and are caring. But is the society giving them due respect and importance as they ought to?


Informal dress, typing furiously or staring at the screen of their mobile phones , care-free attitude,  disregard for customs and traditions.If you have picturised the youth as above then you are missing a serious point. Most of the Indian society portrays today’s youth as irresponsible , aimless and addicted to gadgets.

But who at all will list the great ideas that have come out of the curious young minds? Is it fair on our point to blame the youth for all the problems and take credit for all their success? The reason why the society thinks this way is quite simple. They don’t want their customs to be questioned. The independence of the youth is making the society worry about its control system’s future.

Serious fields like governance, politics and  scientific research are being taken up and explored by the youth. Voicing out their opinions without fear is the biggest plus of this generation. Regardless of the society’s misgivings, young India continues to surge heights that were earlier just dreamt about!

Are you in favour of the Indian Education system? If no, how would you like to change it?

Gayathri Arvind writes-

I’m not in favor of the Indian Education system. But I have to live with it! I have to memorize equations, struggle with long division and factorize polynomials every day.

If you have a high CGPA or a centum in maths the society calls you “great”. According to them, you’ll get a good job and successfully settle down. That is what this system teaches me- Read (or I should say ‘memorise’), score well and your life is settled.

I want a system of education where I’ll read what I actually need.  I want a system in which my skills are tested, not my ‘memory power’. I need a system which teaches me to take risks and which encourages me to be creative.I want a system which understands that every child is different and not push them all to climb the same ladder.

Gayathri Arvind
Gayathri Arvind

“You  have to get into IIT”  or “You have to clear NEET”.  There is someone always pressurizing you to score! But most of the students are just pushed into it. Here, success is treated like a destination. Actually, success is a journey in which I explore, make mistakes, pick myself up and then reach the place I have always dreamt of reaching!

The education system in Finland is incredible. There is no homework, no rote learning and the students are encouraged to be creative! Above all, Finland understands the need for good teachers and there is one teacher for every 12 students. Where in India we have one teacher for 50 students!

Our system has co-curricular activities too but once a student reaches higher secondary ‘studies is everything’. We may have marks and results but they aren’t everything!

Dhanvee.B writes-

Indian education system is the best but it needs some changes. I wish that we don’t have boring history classes. Instead teachers can use visual depictions of historical incidents like showing us a movie.


Students must be encouraged to take responsibility to create awareness among the people about various social evils and issues. Students should have sound general knowledge on each topic from every subject.

We spend most of our life in the school so it is  very important to learn good values and habits.Children should be taught how to work in a team. Students must truly understand the concepts so that when he or she comes to work, tasks can be performed well.

Students who are interested in sports must not be ignored. Instead they should be encouraged. Our education system must inculcate patriotic feeling in each student. This is essential for a better and brighter India.

Examination only doesn’t  decide the potential of a student. Knowingly or unknowingly we are destroying a child’s potential.




Aishwaraya Kalro, is a passionate writer and convincing orator who is in-charge of all creative (writing and editing stories), communication and marketing aspects of Social Pukar.

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