This Dynamic Woman Leader from Medimix is Empowering the Poor

A young girl with big dreams, she was married off at the age of 19. She aspired to be a Doctor but ended up being a Social Entrepreneur!  Meet our Change Maker Jayadevi Cholayil. She is an Industrialist from the renowned Medimix family but Jayadevi is all about empowering the downtrodden.  A formidable Woman Leader who opens up to Aishwaraya Kalro, in an exclusive interview. 

 When you enter the realm of power, very few use it to uplift the weaker. Jayadevi Choliyali, is a gem of a person who empowers destitute women. She greets me with courtesy and takes a keen interest in social welfare.  What’s one cause that is close to her heart? “Women empowerment and child welfare” She replies without any second-thoughts.  


Our Founder Aishwaraya Kalro interviews the formidable Industrialist & Philanthropist Jayadevi Cholayil (Director- Medimix)


Jayadevi Cholayil dons multiple hats! She is an Industrialist, Philanthropist and a Social Entrepreneur. She is the Director of Medimix, a household name in India! Recently, Jayadevi and her son launched a luxury Ayurveda brand called Sadhev. 

Soon after marriage, she discovered her uncanny interest towards Block Prints and design. Then there was just no stopping! Jayadevi shares, “I became an Entrepreneur even before my children were born. And that’s the best way to do it!” Today, she has successfully transformed her passion into a profession! 

 Her Social Enterprise ‘Jullaha’ gives employment opportunities to destitute women.  Abandoned by abusive husbands, these underprivileged women earn their bread and butter at Jullaha. For these unfortunate women, earning their first salary was a life-changing experience and for the generous entrepreneur, providing them an economic opportunity was a humbling experience-  

“To see the underprivileged women happy, made me so happy!” 

Taking the First Step as a Female Social Entrepreneur  

  “Compare to the previous generations, these are the best times for women in our country.”  There is a huge mindset shift that has enabled women to reach new heights. Gone are those days when young girls were married and shown the way to the kitchen.  


“Every mother wants their daughter to be an independent, career woman or an entrepreneur before marriage. No mother is pushing her daughter to get married as soon as she finishes college.” 

 What is one piece of advice she would like to give to ambitious women? 

“Don’t wait! Just start something you’re passionate about in a small and simple manner.”  With sincere efforts and dedication, over time women can always scale up and leverage the business.  


Change Maker Jayadevi


Money Can’t Buy Everything!  

It is always an advantage to know the basics before you set foot in any field of business. But it’s not necessary that you should know the A-Z of business, as per Jayadevi with the right mindset, you can always learn on-the-go. Every transaction teaches you a business lesson! She says, “I always follow my heart and listen to my gut feeling in business.”  

Jayadevi is a kind-hearted Social Entrepreneur. She believes it is vital to have a few qualities-  

“There’s no point in merely having money. You need to have the heart to give! Be kind to lift the underprivileged.” 


Our Social Call

I’m always amused by her ability to multi-task. Apart from managing Medimix and Jullaha, she makes time for social causes that are close to her heart. The prominent family has adopted a village in Tamil Nadu and Jayadevi has made it a top-priority to provide good quality education to the children from poor families. As a result, the Pass Percentage has increased! This amazing Change Maker takes pride in her students and she hopes for the best, “I hope the kids pass with flying colors!”  



Aishwaraya Kalro, is a passionate writer and convincing orator who is in-charge of all creative (writing and editing stories), communication and marketing aspects of Social Pukar.

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