This Army Wife’s Story of Love And Loss Will Melt Your Heart


Almost all husbands will love their wives. But there are very few, who will respect their wives.


This real life love story will win your heart.

They started with an argument and ended in a marriage! Out of respect he addressed his wife as ‘Aap’, while she called him ‘Tum’. Mind you, he was 5 years older than her. Such enthralling was the undying bond of love shared by Priya and her better-half Late Lieutenant Col Sankalp Kumar.

Martyr Lieutenant Colonel Sankalp Kumar

Warning: This love story is not a scripted scene from a Bollywood movie, because it’s far better than one!

Priya was a student of Delhi University when she came home to spend time with her family in Patna. As Priya sat in the share auto, a handsome man grabbed her attention with his stunning looks.  Her heart skipped a beat when he sat beside her. But alas! He broke her slippers by mistake.

A fuming Priya started a fight and cribbed about it all along. As a remedy to her cries for the broken slippers, he offered to get it fixed. She walked barefoot while he carried her broken slippers in his hand. And the rest is history!

A Patriotic Soldier who was Attacked Twice and Survived Once.

Patna gave Priya the love of her life and Lieutenant Colonel Sankalp Kumar gave his life in honour of our nation. Sankalp Kumar attained martyrdom on 5th December, 2014. He was fatally shot dead by the terrorist with AK-47 during the Kashmir Valley attacks. Ironically, he was injured in 2004 too, while serving in 53 Rashtriya Rifles. But the lion came back stronger! His unflinching determination to serve the Indian nation is one that remains truly unparalleled.


A Doting Father 

Sankalp would do anything for his daughters just the way he could do anything for our nation. Although he was a vegetarian, he would cook delicious Chicken to cater to the whims and fancies of his daughters.


“My most fond memory is when we would cook together in the kitchen. No doubt, my husband was a better cook!”



Lieutenant Colonel Sankalp Kumar with daughters Sara & Manna


Sankalp was fiercely independent and he wished to foster the same values in his family. He never gave his wife the Fauji vehicle for personal use. Never ever.  He exemplified humility and also believed that one should never take undue advantage of people in their surroundings. When Priya visited Uri, he expected her to cook food for all the officers. And, she did!  She confesses- “On a personal level, he had pampered me so much that he always made me feel like a Queen!”

 Although she hails from a conservative family she admits, “My family has no regrets that I got married to him. Because he was such a wonderful person.”   Even today her father says-

“Sankalp has given Priya so much in life! Not money but those things which even money can’t buy- love, respect and values.”


Last Laugh

A night before Lieutenant Colonel Sanklap Kumar was brutally shot with AK-47 by the heartless terrorists, Priya and Sankalp had a hearty laugh over the phone. Little did she know that this might be the last ring of laughter they will ever share together. The tragic news of  Sankalp Kumar’s death broke on the day when Priya was fasting! A heart-broken Priya expressed her wrath by abandoning all idols which she once worshipped. Over time, some wounds have healed and today, she attributes this strength to the omnipresent Force. She says-

“I believe in God. Somehow this universe has opened up for me and my daughters. We’ve received love from those we never knew!”


Sweet Memories: Priya Sankalp with her family


Our Social Call
A solider wins the test of bravery by battling for his nation, until his last breath. Whether the Indian Army or the American Navy, a martyred hero leaves his family with sweet memories and a wound. A wound that will never heal. 

Because of families fallen of heroes cope with the harsh truth- the loved one who has gone will never come back. 

(An interview feature by Aishwaraya Kalro)

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  • February 3, 2018 at 9:41 am

    Sweet memories of Army officers and his wife life era they have spent to gather and how its began…Priya Samkap Kumare , Mana and Sara you all are our heart feel family members.. Some time I feel also Priya daughter why God has given us such unbearable tremendous Pain.. I didn’t get it answer ..I pray God pl dint give any more pain to Martyr family.. God always keep you happy with our two little princess.. Jagidhs Soni B/O martyr Captain Nielsh Soni.. scarifies his life at Saichin in Operation Meghdoot on 12 th February 1987…..

  • February 3, 2018 at 1:12 pm

    I have known Priya and her family through her posts…on Facebook… since then i never miss even a single update abt her Sara and Manna…. i really respect such brave lady…n wish to meet her in person some day…Love u Priya…
    God bless Sara n Maana..

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    Mam its an awesome one to read….
    Made to realize how you loved him…

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    Love this everlasting love…

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